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    The City of Philadelphia’s Cable T.V. Unit will offer video productions at “no charge” but there are some exceptions to this “no charge” policy.
    Each department will pay the cost of any extra expenses, which may include, but is not limited to, videotape, freelance personnel (technicians and talent), dubs of final edit, and any additional rental equipment necessary for the production. If rental equipment is required; the requesting department will pay the deposits.

    Approvals by Client:
    The Client (Mayor, Managing Director, Deputy Managing Director, department head, or any person appointed by them who will represent the department on the project) will give approval in the following steps respectively:
    Step 1: Pre-production – the first stage of video production that involves developing ideas, writing the treatment (eventually the script), organizing the production, developing a budget, and selecting equipment, crew, and locations.
    Step 2: Production – the second stage of video production that includes completing the script, recording audio and video, renting equipment, and hiring freelance, if necessary.
    Step 3: Post-Production - the final stage of video production that includes viewing and logging video, editing video, pictures and sounds, mixing audio, adding computer graphics, and duplicating final edit.

    The signer certifies the requested City video resources (which includes equipment, supplies and staff time) will not be used to engage in political activity, which includes promoting or disparaging a political party, candidate, campaign or partisan political group.  

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