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Question 1: Please select the response indicating your level of agreement with each of the following statements based on your experience, opinions, or perceptions. N/A
Question 2: How familiar are you with the following policies? N/A
Question 3: I know where to seek advice on the following: N/A
Question 4: How familiar are you with the functions and responsibilities of the following roles or offices? N/A
Question 1: Please mark the response indicating your level of agreement with each of the following statements based on your experience, opinions, or perceptions. N/A
Question 1: When was your last ethics training? I can’t remember the date.
Question 2: In 2017, the City of Philadelphia expanded its Integrity Officer Program to have Integrity Officers in departments to disseminate information about ethics policies and procedures. Do you know who is your department’s Integrity Officer? No
Question 3: How familiar are you with Integrity Week – a week of events for all City employees to build awareness about ethics and integrity in City government? glikertcol8577719a7
Question 4: What ethical issues or programs would you like to know more about through training or other outreach? N/A
Question 5: In your opinion, what is one thing the City could do to build a strong ethical culture in City government? In the past, I had experienced a very unethical, in my opinion, corrupted, retaliatory and intimidating supervisor. I put in a 14 page harassment complain against this supervisor, with my HR department. NOTHING HAPPENED!! I wrote a Mr. Creamer at the Board of Ethnic; A Krystle Baker at the IG's office, OHR, Human Relations, Bill Twardzik from the City's EEOC office..........NOTHING HAPPENED. I did receive retaliatory behavior from this supervisor, who I believe had a relationship with my HR head. Although, I asked for a follow up on my complaint, on many occasions, I never received an outcome of my investigation. I know for a fact this horrible supervisor has had other complaints submitted, from what I saw, he did not receive progressive disciplinary actions.........actually, this man is still in the same exact position as when I left. So I understand why people NEVER come forward with their complaints. At that time, I have been with the city of Philadelphia for 25 years, never been written up but when I started speaking up against this person, he wrote me up on a lie. When I refused to to sign, with my response (I am not signing it because it's a lie", his response was "It doesn't matter that I'm lying". I put all of this in my complaint. I even sent the commissioner an email he sent me, which was a total lie, the commissioner said. NOTHING happened. I only received retaliatory harrassment from this person. NOW, which in the last few years, I receive a promotion at the Phila. International Airport. I am very happy today. My prayer was that I get a supervisor with character and integrity, and boy did GOD hear my prayer. I love my supervisors, she practice good morale, she's fair, she's easy to talk to and she would never instruct me to "make up a purchase order" as i was instructed by my previous supervisor. I really like how the airport operates. They have many mandatory trainings, from sexual harassment to working with a difficult co worker. Those trainings are very important. Actually, I just signed up for a training they have offered, regarding "dealing ADA". So happy I didn't give up on the city. What I experienced in the past, I was ready to quit this city of philadelphia job.
How long have you been employed with the City of Philadelphia? 11 years or more
In your current position, are you directly responsible for supervising or managing staff? No
Your age category? 45-54 years
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