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Question 1: Please select the response indicating your level of agreement with each of the following statements based on your experience, opinions, or perceptions. N/A
Question 2: How familiar are you with the following policies? N/A
Question 3: I know where to seek advice on the following: N/A
Question 4: How familiar are you with the functions and responsibilities of the following roles or offices? N/A
Question 1: Please mark the response indicating your level of agreement with each of the following statements based on your experience, opinions, or perceptions. N/A
Question 1: When was your last ethics training? I never attended ethics training.
Question 2: In 2017, the City of Philadelphia expanded its Integrity Officer Program to have Integrity Officers in departments to disseminate information about ethics policies and procedures. Do you know who is your department’s Integrity Officer? No
Question 3: How familiar are you with Integrity Week – a week of events for all City employees to build awareness about ethics and integrity in City government? glikertcol879c67a79
Question 4: What ethical issues or programs would you like to know more about through training or other outreach? N/A
Question 5: In your opinion, what is one thing the City could do to build a strong ethical culture in City government? Accountability is the key and continuity is the lock. My observation at the Airport is that there are many unwritten rules and policies that are govern by longstanding cultural agreements that allow people to do as they please without any regard to ethics, equity, or parity. Monthly I learn of a new "policy" or "code of conduct" of some kind that's not in writing but is part of the cultural understanding here. It's dangerous because it can lead to unethical behavior and/or issues with parity or bias among staff members. With that said the City can build a strong ethical culture by setting standards that are impenetrable by use of departmental culture to define it's usefulness. Are there audits of ethics codes? Are there quarterly or even annual meetings with members of any department about ethics issues or concerns? Are there working groups that the PHL Integrity Officer should lead to ensure accountability to staff members and that there is continuity with the city's standard of ethics? If they do exist I don't know about them and that's problematic if I am being held accountable to them. If it does not exist, the city is doing a disservice by not ensuring that this department or other departments have clarity about what strong ethical culture looks like in the city, at the Airport, or in any department throughout our municipal government.
How long have you been employed with the City of Philadelphia? 1 to 5 years
In your current position, are you directly responsible for supervising or managing staff? Yes
Your age category? 35-44 years
Department Name? Airport
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